Leslie Patrick

Leslie Patrick

Hello I am Leslie Patrick, I am proud to say that I am a New Yorker. I was born in Brooklyn, the only child of Leticia Blenman and Terrance Simon. I was introduced to Christianity in the Catholic Church, however it wasn’t until age 14 that I discovered what a personal relationship with God was all about. My journey with God has taken me places far beyond what I could ask or think.

After high school, I enlisted into the Air Force and served for 4 years active duty.  Upon leaving the military, I was introduced to my husband, Daren Patrick, and we have 3 wonderful children.  It was my husband’s encouragement that ultimately convinced me to seek a degree in Nursing. In 1998, I completed a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing from Incarnate Word University San Antonio TX.

Daren and I had the privilege to be apart of 2 wonderful ministries in San Antonio TX. Although serving in different areas of ministry, we were able to touch so many people’s lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I had the privilege of serving on many medical missionary teams that completed several missions to Mexico. Prior to leaving San Antonio I started a ministry called Body and Soul which focused on teaching our church members the importance of eating healthy and exercise.

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