Should Christians Protest in Baltimore

  • May 04, 2015
  • Pastor Daren Patrick

Someone asked me a very good question….“Should Christians be marching in the demonstrations in Baltimore”?. My answer (based on scripture) was “absolutely”. Christians should protest, stand against, speak out and pray for all injustice. We are called to be salt, which means, God has graced us with the ability to change people; empowering them to change unfair and unequal systems. As salt, we are to use our savor (in the case civil disobedience) to bring attention to the brutality that too many young people have suffered in the hands of some governing authorities.

The young person’s follow up question was, is “Civil Disobedience” in the bible? My response was “absolutely”.  The position the Scriptures uphold is one of biblical submission, with a Christian being allowed to act in civil disobedience to the government if it commands evil, such that it requires a Christian to act in a manner that is contrary to the clear teachings and requirements of God’s Word. The first example of civil disobedience is in Exodus 1, when Pharaoh orders the death of all male babies to the Hebrew midwives. The midwives ignored that command due to a fear of God. The bible says, that God was good to the midwives. Rahab disobeyed the king of Jericho when she hid the Hebrew spies, Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys disobeyed the authorities and were thrown in a lions den and a fiery furnace, Peter and John were order to stop preaching about Jesus, but they never quit. Again, there are times when civil disobedience is necessary in order to bring about a better good and that the will of God be done in the lives of people.

Let’s be clear, Christians are not to be apart of rioting, throwing bricks, looting etc…However, we must be apart of the solution which we know is a personal relationship with God that leads all mankind to love their neighbors as themselves, pray for those in authority and follow their leadership.

Pastor Daren