Have you “EVER” missed it?

  • May 18, 2015
  • Pastor Daren Patrick

Have you ever missed it….I mean a lesson you know you should have gotten the first time?  If you are like me, there are many. For example, lessons about DEBT (should have paid that bill off instead used the money for non important stuff), relationship lessons (should have just let them leave), timing (just refused to use patience).

The unfortuate part about these types of lessons is experiencing the pain of the consequences and still REPEAT them.

In the bible, there was man (a prophet/priest) of God name ELI. We are introduced to him in the book of I Samuel chapter 1. Eli was the voice and authority of God in Israel. However, he did not do a good job fathering his 2 sons and according to the scriptures “they were evil”. They did evil while serving as priests in the temple of God. On the hand, God raises us a young man named Samuel, to take Eli’s place because he was displeased with Eli’s sons. Samuel was a Godly man. God spoke to him and used him mightly as His representative in Israel.

BUT, Samuel did just like me and you. In the 8 chapter of the book of Samuel, the scriptures says that Samuel sons were appointed judges over Israel but they were not like there father, for they were greedy for money and accepted bribes and preverted justice (I Samuel 8:1-2). In scripture, the legacy of a man is climaxed when his sons carry on the family name and business. In this case, God was the overseer, the boss and Samuel missed IT. Just like ELI, his sons were not used in the plan of God like their father. Samuel forgot the reason why ELI’s name had been tarnished in Israel and why he had been chosen to be the priest/prophets instead of ELI’s sons. And Samuel “REPEATED” ELI’s mistake, so we read about this great prophet and know only the evil things HIS sons did.

HERE WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT…...Where in your life are you IGNORING the consequences of previous decisions and repeating the same mistake. I challenge you to STOP, PRAY, ASK FOR HELP, STOP LYING TO YOURSELF and be honest. God is a God of second chances and will help you avoid the mistakes of your past.

Pastor Daren