Do You Pray Bold Prayers

  • May 04, 2015
  • Pastor Daren Patrick

Hello Family,

Have you ever prayed “BOLD” prayers. No….really, what are you asking and believing God for right now that will take a ridiculous, supernatural response from God to come to past?

The scripture teaches that Jesus came that we have life and life more abundantly (Jn 10:10), the first part of that scripture says that the enemy comes to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY. The question is, which one are you listening to the most, the message of death and destruction or God’s message on life, love, faith, joy, peace, overcoming, healing, winning all the time and receiving God’s best. Your ability to believe is greatly impacted on what you are listening too, focusing on and OBEYING.

Jesus first public miracle was when He turned water into wine (John 2:1-11), what I love about the story is the attitude of his mother Mary. When she solicited His help, she was saving the bridegroom’s from an embarrassing moment. However, when Mary told Jesus the situation she must have known and or seen Him perform private miracles before this public one. Her instructions to the servants confirms this she said, “whatever he tells you to do, do it”. Not only was the water turned into wine but, the miracle wine tasted better than the bridegrooms best wine.

(What is our take away from this email), that God’s best for you is better than the best you could ever produce for yourself. Just ask him, (just like Mary) and then do whatever, he tells you to do.