A real spiritual leader (Pastor)

  • September 10, 2013
  • Pastor Daren Patrick
A real spiritual leader (Pastor)

I’ve had the privilege of serving under some great pastors (man and female) in my church experience. As I look back and reflect, there are several things that made them great:
1. They had a love and compassion for their people. I remember as a college senior running out of my GI Bill to finish paying for my college. My church created a scholarship fund (around the same time) that paid my last year of college, “UNBELIEVABLE”

2. They did not separate leadership from relationship, I simply mean; they provided good leadership through the relationship I established with them.

3. They were very transparent and respectful watching me grow from an Airman, College Student, Church Leader, Minister, Elder, Assistant Pastor and now Pastor.

4. They taught us that both the leader and the people need each other.

5. Finally, they taught me that the toughest problems can be solved when relationships are managed well.