Have you “EVER” missed it?

Have you ever missed it….I mean a lesson you know you should have gotten the first time?  If you are like me, there are many.… May 18, 2015

Do You Pray Bold Prayers

Hello Family,

Have you ever prayed “BOLD” prayers. No….really, what are you asking and believing God for right now that will take a ridiculous, supernatural… May 04, 2015

Should Christians Protest in Baltimore

Someone asked me a very good question….“Should Christians be marching in the demonstrations in Baltimore”?. My answer (based on scripture) was “absolutely”. Christians should protest,… May 04, 2015

A real spiritual leader (Pastor)

A real spiritual leader (Pastor)

I’ve had the privilege of serving under some great pastors (man and female) in my church experience. As I look back and reflect, there are… September 10, 2013

The Law of Legacy: Your Work and Your Job

Everyone on earth has a work to do, and it may be different from one’s current job. A job may be the task we get… September 10, 2013