Membership at CRCC

Membership at CRCC

What is Membership?

Church membership is certainly not required for salvation, but it is crucial for spiritual health and growth. We believe that true Christianity involves much more than believing, in fact,  Christianity is proof that we were created for a deep sense of belonging…. both for own sake and the sake of others. That’s why the Apostle Paul urged the believers in Rome to “Be devoted to one another in Brotherly love.” Romans 12:10

The Bible calls each of us to be a committed and contributing member in our local church, which causes growth in our spiritual walk with God.  Membership is a defining moment for each of us as we formally ‘step out of the pew ‘s and publicly affirm a covenant commitment to Christ and to Crossroads Community Church.

Visitors and attendees are spectators, but members are participators

What am I committing to when I become a member?

By becoming a member at Crossroads, you are simply committing to grow in your relationship with God through Christ.  As well, you are saying that you agree with the vision and direction of this body and are willing to use your gifts in ministry to help accomplish the vision.  Specifically, you are committing to the following statements:

  Protect: the unity of our church
  Share:  in the responsibility of our church
  Serve:  use your gifts to serve the ministry of our church
  Support: the testimony of our church

How do I become a member?

The requirements for church membership are as follows:

  • Attendance at Crossroads Church for at least 4 services and then begin serving in the church
  • Baptism as a committed follower of Jesus Christ
  • Commitment to living according to the membership covenant
  • Read and complete Crossroads membership manual

How Members stay Connected with Our Church

Most people visit church through personal invitation or by response to a church marketing brochures etc.  There are several reasons why people visit, however being “connected” to others is a reason why they stay.  At Crossroads our members “get connected” by the following:

  • Becoming a member of our church
  • Joining a “Life Group”
  • Participating in Worship
  • Participating in Stewardship
  • Participating in Service
  • Participating in Evangelism

At Crossroads, we believe that small groups are an effective method for developing solid Christian relationships.  “Life groups” gives you opportunity to not only be loved and accepted, but to develop friendships with others who are discovering what it means to follow Jesus as well!  Together you will learn how to serve others and share your faith with those that are desperately looking for God’s love.

LIFE Groups - are small groups of people that meet for about an hour and a half on various days and locations.  The groups spend time in fellowship, prayer, and Bible discussion, as they strive to encourage each other and build one another up in the Lord.  Some groups may share a meal; play a sport, exercise and even cook.

Worship – Weekly attendance of our Sunday celebrations and mid week bible study helps you stay connected to our worship and the teaching of the Word of God.

Stewardship –Your participation in our financial plan of tithing and giving an offering supports the ministry of our church and helps to keep the doors open and the operations running.

Service – Your service in the ministry of the church either on Sundays or any other weekly event helps you stay connected with the work of our church.

Evangelism – The mission of our church is to win the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your participation in actively bringing others to Christ helps you stay connected with the mission of our church. 

All of these principles help you stay connected with every facet of our ministry, while assisting you to find meaning and purpose for your life. 

Church Membership Covenant

By becoming a member at Crossroads Community Church you are agreeing to the following pledge:

We pledge, therefore by the aid of the Holy Spirit to love each other as Christ loves us, to strive for the advancement of the church to promote its prosperity and spirituality to sustain its worship.  We also pledge to maintain family and personal devotions, to educate our children in the way of Christ.  We pledge to support our church by faithfully giving our tithes and offering to support the ministry needs of our church. We pledge to watch over one another in Christian love, to pray for one another, and to aid one another in sickness and or health.